Friday, May 14, 2010

When Giving up is Good

Now that I’ve launched 'The Blog' and will soon roll out the first E-Newsletter, there are two things I’ve learned about myself in regard to computer technology: 1) I’m an idiot, and 2) I’m an idiot.

At first I was frustrated with my lack of knowledge and talent in this area. I even went and ordered a slew of books on computer programming, website design, e-communications, search engine optimization, blah blah blah. And yet, after all that study, I find I’m just as clueless as I was before I helped Jeff Bezos take one more step to becoming a gazillionaire - Except now with all these books, I have a really good supply of doorstops.

Anyway, since I had neither the time, talent, nor inclination to become a tech whiz, I did the next best thing. I gave up.

That’s right.

I gave up.

The tech part that is.

Yep. I gave it up. To folks who know what they are doing. I have a wonderful friend, Melanie, who is helping me with Twitter, and Deborah is helping me with the E-marketing and communications. Becky and Anton over at Principle Creative* are always available to help with design issues, and Darice at Darice Michelle Photography takes some mean photographs (which reminds me, I have to set up another shoot with her).

Without friends like these, I might still be poring over books I don’t understand instead of testing a new recipe someone sent in, or engaging folk at a demo or book signing, or even typing these thoughts on a blog. Things I’m told I’m good at. And things I certainly enjoy.

I once heard a motivational speaker proclaim, “Never give up!” Baloney. Sometimes it’s good to give up. I’m glad I did.

Is there something that you need to give up? Something someone else could do better so you can concentrate on what you do well? I’m sure there is. Find that someone and let them have at it. Lord knows there are enough doorstops in this world.

Bon appétit,


*If you are looking for a great graphic design firm, look no further than Principle Creative. Give Dave Whitlock a call at (904) 808-9595. Tell him Warren sent you.

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