Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Better Than Cheap? How Bout Free.


I'd always determined not to sell my crap on my blog.

But this is different. It's FREE.

That's right. Free. This Wednesday and Thursday Amazon will be giving away free copies of my romantic-comedy-adventure novel Dive and Fly to anyone who owns a Kindle.

Don't have a Kindle, you say? Not to worry, you can use the Kindle Cloud to download it to your Mac, PC and other devices (It's what I do since I don't own a Kindle yet.)

So there you have it. If you are looking for a great beach read and you don't want to spend any cash, this would be a great opportunity for both of us.

Why? Because the book will hopefully bring a smile and more than a few laughs to you...and if you like it...you might feel moved to write a review on Amazon or post about it on your blog, Facebook page, twitter, etc.

And if you don't like it? Well...you can always rip the pages out and use them to wrap fish or house train that new puppy.

But don't take it from me...here's one review (and no...we are not related):

"Looking for Summertime reading? Dive and Fly is it! From the moment I read the opening paragraph I was totally hooked - the characters are a blast, the story line never slows down and its just so well written that if feels easy to read. Taking place in Florida adds to the summertime-read feeling of this great fiction. Grab this book. It belongs in your beach bag - you will love it!"

So check it out this Wednesday and Thursday here: Amazon.

On Friday I will be back and dishing out my regular servings of blog buffoonery.

Thanks for indulging. See you on Friday!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

If Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

...Then ya'll should be head over heels with me by now!

I know, I know. I made a promise to post weekly.

And lately I haven't.

But in the immortal words of Curly Howard (of Three Stooges fame): "I'm a victim of coicumstance."

See...I have been writing. A lot. Just not here.

Lemme explain.

I've had a novel in the works. A romantic-comedy-adventure. It's called Dive and Fly. But it sorta sat around. Then my cookbook started to do really well. So the publisher asked me to get the novel together for editing. I did. It's what I've been doing for the past few months. Tweaking. Re-writing. Deleting. And rewriting some more. Now it's out...

I know. A lame excuse for shrugging off my blog. But I think it was worth it.

Intrigued? I hope so. Dive and Fly is available on Kindle for free if you are a Prime Member. (Otherwise it is $2.99). The paperback has been discounted to $9.37 on both Amazon Here and Barnes & Noble Here. Hopefully you will add it to your summer reading list.

Heck. What am I saying? Why don't you be the judge? Here's the synopsis:

"Imagine…You were born with a rare condition. Synesthesia. You taste color. You feel sound. Now imagine how that would impact your job. Your love life. Your future.

Billy Shakes is a successful writer whose synesthesia helped him create six killer novels. But he has hit a slump so his agent urges him to get out and take his ‘disease’ on the road. Take some risks. Get those creative juices flowing again. He does.

Billy meets Maureen at a Florida film festival, and to Billy her shimmering bronze skin tastes of crème brûlée. But the barely married Maureen tastes adventure. Since they share a love for movies, Billy suggests a weekend trip to the Chicago Film Festival. Thus begins a kaleidoscope of events involving Maureen’s brutish husband, a feisty best friend, a deadbeat fiancé, two inept hit men, an alcohol-infused Scientist, a riot grrrl with a penchant for large automatic weapons…Oh, and Eden, an old friend with her own mysterious condition who longs to take a few risks herself.

Through a series of missteps, close calls and mistaken identities, this dysfunctional group ricochets off one another as they storm into Chicago. After causing a near riot at the Art Institute, Billy and Eden find themselves poised on the edge of the roof. As a dozen security guards rush toward them with guns ablaze, Billy and Eden are forced to take one last risk - with wondrous and surprising results."

But hey...I don't blog to sell my crap. So if you'd like a good beach read and you don't have a lot of spare change, I have a few advanced reader's copies on hand. I'd love to send you one for free. And if you like it? Spread the word or write a review. Post your e-mail address here or e-mail me at wwcaterson@gmail.com and I will send 'em them as long as I have 'em.

But either way...more blog buffoonery is coming. Thanks for being patient!