Sunday, May 8, 2011

As American as Mom and Apple Pie

I love Mother's Day.

It is truly a holiday that celebrates the heroes of our age (or any age for that matter).

Not to take away anything from July 4th, Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. I know that I would probably not be writing this if it weren't for the brave American men and women who paid the ultimate price for my freedom.

Heck, without them we all might've found ourselves working in a non-air conditioned plant for a dollar a month adding melamine and other toxins to baby formula for the health and economic well-being of The State.

Well...At least the males of The State since so many females, and yes, future moms, are aborted (for the good of The State, of course). Can you say, "Nice revolution you got going there, Chairman Mao."? Hmm...I knew you could.

So yes. I salute those great men and women - past and present - who guarantee our freedom.

But the truth of the matter is: most of us would not even be here if it weren't for moms.

"Wait," I hear some of you saying. "Don't you mean all of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for moms?"

Perhaps. Except that I have a few friends who, in spite of their loud cries of denial, have questionable pedigrees.

Don't believe me? Then you haven't met my friend Alan.

But back to moms.

Here's the deal: Moms put up with a lot.

Think about it.

Our moms cleaned up all the crap in our diapers when we were little ones. And most moms have been cleaning up our crap ever since. I know my mom has.

When my dad was murdered back in 1976, my mom went on to start several successful businesses and helped put three of us through college. One of us went on to be an accountant. One a teacher. And one a dreamer.

I'll let you sort out who was who.

And even though she felt that I would've been a great lawyer, flying a desk just isn't in my genes - the genes that she herself and my dad passed down to me (I couldn't picture either of them flying a desk).

No. Instead of flying a desk, I chose to fly by the seat of my pants. Which, incidentally, is not something one should list under "Applicable Skills" when typing up a resume'. Trust me on that one.

Anyway, my mom has supported me both spiritually and financially throughout my years of successful self-employment and self-unemployment. I am highly skilled at both. It's even on my resume'.

So here's to moms.

My first cookbook was dedicated to my wife. The next cookbook will go out to my mom.

And if you don't have a book that you can dedicate to your mom, stop by and tell her you love her with some flowers and an apple pie.

I know she'll love it.

And if she's like my mom, she'll even offer to clean up the mess.

God bless moms!


  1. Great post. My first cookbook was dedicated to my mom.

  2. What a wonderful way of "celebrwriting" your mom. The no-knead bread I make is always dedicated to my mom. And then her mother's day is at least once a week : ) But she won't be close to help clean the flour mess...

  3. Yes, Mom's DO rock :-)

    P.S. Sorry to read about your Dad.

  4. @Ivy. Thanks! And congrats on your cookbook. What is it called?

  5. @Absurd Baker. "Celebwriting" - Love it! Oh, and making the no-knead bread is a cool way to honor your mom. :-)

  6. @Juanita. Yes they do! (and thanks for the condolences...)

  7. I love this post, Warren - so personal and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. My next food post was going to be from my mother's cookbook that she made for just our family...and it still will be! I just got sidetracked by my pizza...that she has always inspired us to make! mom and I have always been asked to make a real cookbook and hopefully, one day we will! The one she made for our family with just our favorites and the recipes from generations past is unsurpassed! I wouldn't sell it for a trillion dollars! and i really mean that!
    Any way......thanks for your Mothers Day post! Being a mom is one of the most important and encouraging jobs you can have....and I don't take it for granted!
    Look forward to seeing alot more of your recipes...and hopefully mine will be worth your time! Lately...I'm not so sure as cooking starts to take the back burner...not to be funny...when life gets hectic and school is out again!! Plus running my shop! Oh is my therapy and one of my loves in life!

  9. I love being a mom, and, I'll admit it, playing a mothering role, even to those that I am not the mom of, but then I am a caring, sharing kinda person. Aw.... Warren, I'm sorry to hear about your father, your mom sounds like an awesome mom. Yay for the moms!! :o)

  10. @carolyn bradford. Wow. These comments about your mom are so cool! You're right...sometimes stuff doesn't fall far from the tree. LOL. Thanks for following, and by all means stop by often!

  11. @Kooky Girl. And I echo your kudos. Hooray for moms! And double kudos for those who are moms to those who aren't even their kids. You rock. :-D

  12. I'm sorry to those of you who posted comments on Table for Two when Blogger/Google had their 'meltdown'this week. Unfortunately your thoughts didn't get posted here. But I did get them via e-mail. Thanks for making my day just a little bit brighter!

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and also for the kind words! I totally agree- we all owe a lot to our moms. I was a totally hellian in high school! Love that you're dedicating your next cookbook to your mother. I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

  14. @Kathryn. Thank *you* for stopping by. :-) You? A total hellian? That's hard to imagine what with your cool blog and all, lol. Keep up the good work and drop by often!

  15. I love Mother's Day too!
    Selfishly I spent it in an Art Deco gem of a hotel, The National Hotel for their poolside brunching famous for their 250 long rectangular pool. Felt like celebrities. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  16. Lovely post. So funny - I wrote a post with a similar title for Thanksgiving and I could not for the life of me remember the Mom/Apple Pie connection because I couldn't get that stupid Chevrolet ad out of my head! Thanks for refreshing my memory. Yay Moms!

  17. @Guyanne. Thanks for the complement! (And I'm glad I helped refresh your memory as well, lol). Anyway, I try to post weekly so feel free to drop by often. :-)