Thursday, December 30, 2010

If Laughter Is The Best Medicine, I Will Never Get Sick.

I love to laugh.

But you may have already guessed that.

Shove an old Woody Allen movie in the VCR, place a Tim Dorsey novel on my nightstand, let me watch an episode of 30 Rock, or put me around the bbq grill with the likes of Michael and Andy and you will know what I mean. I can feel the years melt away even as we speak. At this rate, I just might kick Methuselah's ass.

But it's just not the laughter that keeps me young.

No. It's waking up each morning to a family that is always rooting for me.

It's a wife that doesn't stand for any bullshit and the sexual intimacy borne on years of celebration and hardship.

It's the friendships that outlast the 3 scotches we all downed at Meehan's Pub.

It's the readers who's eyes follow each vowel and consonant that I joyfully place on the page of this blog.

It's the parties I attend where the guest of honor is someone who's name doesn't start with Warren.

And it's the food. Always the food.

I feel it every time I partake of a meal that someone has poured themselves into. It's what I want to offer every time I create a meal for others.

I live and exist because of what someone has taken the time to do for me. And I can only give thanks. Oh...And if you throw in a glass of wine or two, I'm sure we will laugh as well.

Food. Drink. Prepared for us by those that love us will nurture us. And I'm reminded of something said long ago: Take and eat. Drink. This is my body...

And although this thought is no laughing matter, I approach the cup and His smile...