Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When a Breakthrough Becomes a Bust

The people have spoken. My attempt at posting pics on my blog was a complete bust.

I think NikkiD summed it up best when she wrote and said:

"Man, Caterson, your pics suck. Listen to me. I'm serious, they really suck. In fact, the last time I saw so much sucking was when I absentmindedly plugged my Hoover into the 220 outlet. Talk about sucking. I lost a throw rug, two remotes, and a ficus tree."

So now I'm back to simply writing prose in the hope that your vivid culinary imagination will fill in the blanks.

After all, it works in other areas. Leading experts in the science of human sexuality believe that it's not the genitals, but the mind that is the strongest sex organ. And if what I think about 98% of the time is any indication, I'd have to agree with the experts.

But back to food. I'm afraid I will have to leave the delectably delicious photos to those who already do it well.

For the rest of us? Please continue to read my blog with an open and creative mind. Let the pictures unfold in your imagination and then let them tickle your taste buds.

But if you do need something a little more visually concrete, you're always welcome to drop by the house for some real food. There's always something cooking. And there's always enough.

We'll save you a seat. Promise.


PS. Anyone need an iPad clone? I got one for sale. Cheap...


  1. I beg to disagree, any picture is better than none, some of us have absolutely no imagination and live too far away to pop in for a visual. Merry Christmas to you and I hope you change your mind in the new year.

  2. You are probably right, Carolyn. BTW, bummer about the imagination and distance, we'll miss you for dinner. :-) Merry Christmas to you as well!

  3. I can't believe they wouldn't feature you just because you don't have pictures! What a stupid rule.

    I mean, sure, I prefer entries with pictures too, whether or not they're food porn shots or just things related to the theme or whatever--for some reason, they just make any article more compelling. If you wanted to add images now and then without taking your own, you could always use Creative Commons licensed stuff from flickr or wikipedia.

    But I respect your decision not to use them if that's your style. And thanks for the add on foodbuzz!

  4. Well Margot, if the food blog gods refuse to host my posts, I guess I can start my own food blog community. Maybe call it something like "Cooking Outside the Lines". Yeah. Sorta like the ring of that. :-) Thanks for dropping by!

  5. What? Did someone really say that to you?! I agree with the first poster, any pics are better than no pics. The web is totally visual. You've got to try to post pics or people are going to be overwhelmed with the text. Plus, taking pics consistently is like practicing. And the more you practice, the better you'll get. For sure.

  6. man those are some harsh words!!! Practice makes perfect I say don't give up

  7. @ theveggie and @stephchows: Well, now that I look back on my pics, I'd have to say NikkiD was right. My pics do suck, LOL. Perhaps I need to upgrade the memory on my iPad clone. Trouble is, the last time I tried to open it, all this black sand started to seep out...

  8. I'm glad I read on! As I was looking through your posts, I was wondering about pictures. But, you write so well I thought, hey, if I could write like this I probably wouldn't use pictures! I'm a visual learner and love pictures, but I don't mind not seeing any. I really like your blog and your writing and your recipes.

  9. @Lin Ann. Thanks for the kind words. At least now I can say I gave the whole picture thing a shot. lol. Please feel free to drop by often - I'll be sure to save a seat for you at the table!